Google Apps Vs Office 365

In case you're not aware at this point, you can think of Google Apps as Google's online version of Microsoft Office. You gain admittance to a set-up of online web applications that let you alter reports, make accounting pages, assemble introductions, and all the more all from your internet browser, nothing to introduce on your computer.

Google Apps came out well before Office 365 and started stealing some of the market away from Microsoft's flagship Office product because it was (and still is for non-business accounts) completely free. If you think about the cost per computer to install Office (before Office 365) .!

It bodes well why such countless people and independent ventures immediately escaped from Microsoft and moved over to Google Apps.. Potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Google at that point came out with Google Apps for Work. This is an upgraded form of the standard Google Apps framework that is significantly more strong with arrangements intended for business including:

·         Business email addresses (

·         Video and voice calls

·         Integrated online calendars

·         30GB of online stockpiling for record adjusting and sharing

·         Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides

·         Easy to create project sites

·         Security and admin controls

·         24/7 phone and email support

·         Unlimited Storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)

·         Advanced admin controls for Drive

·         Review and revealing bits of knowledge for Drive substance and sharing

·         Google Vault for eDiscovery covering messages, visits, docs and documents

·         Easily search and export to different formats

·         Archive all emails sent by your company

·         Set message retention policies

·         Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes

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